The Mobinawa-WebSMS platform

Mobinawa-WebSMS is a cloud based multi-tenant basic SMS Marketing platform which can be deployed in a local datacenter for the hosting and management of 3 types of SMS services, and enabling any Very Small Enterprise to operate these services with the assistance of our technical support team.
Built on an international leading white label web-based SMS software, the Mobinawa-WebSMS platform supports the following main services and features:

- Country Administrator

Creation and Management Company accounts with prepaid SMS credit, Assignment of dedicated shortcodes/longcodes numbers to Company accounts, Consultation of SMS traffic reporting

- Company admin user

Creation and Management of Users including API users with prepaid SMS credit, Configuration of services per user, Consultation of SMS traffic reporting

- Services User

Operation of services, Consultation of SMS traffic reporting

- SMS Alert/Notification

by integrating the HTTP API of the platform to any corporate IT/Web platform, this service enables the automatic sending, on certain criteria, of various types of CRM information to the client’s base, with dedicated VAS number as senderID, enabling response option.

- SMS Chat

for the reception & storage of all SMS enquiry messages (without keyword) sent by prospects and clients, and in option an auto-reply SMS is sent back by the platform. Then the company representative will process them and eventually reply.

- Bulk SMS

the service User can manually send personalized SMS messages to a group of recipients’ mobile numbers, via import of the corresponding file into the contact database. For recipients using Mobinawa App, the platform will deliver the messages to their Mobinawa Apps at cheapest cost. If not, messages will be sent to corresponding GSM networks for delivery.