Plateforme VoIP Gateway

The GTS-VoIP Gateway is a carrier-grade platform deployed in the cloud and in a local datacenter with direct SIP Trunk interconnectivity links to multiple GSM networks and to Enterprise Voice application platforms.

The VoIP Gateway enables the creation of each customer voice account identified by its IP address and the activation of one or multiple assigned VAS long numbers (also called DID numbers), configured per default for inbound Voice call service.

In addition, each DID number associated to a customer voice account can also be configured to operate outbound Voice call service with the assigned DID number as callerID.

Features of the GTS-SMS Messaging Gateway:

    - White-list of caller-ID,

    Enabling outbound calls only from the authorized callerID and IP addresses, in order to block spamming calls or international calls.

    - Fast and secure transport of calls

    From/to customers Voice platforms to/from Mobinawa subscribers.

    - Detailed CDR & Statistics and billing reporting

    Accessible via web interface by customers.